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When you generate sales, you'll get credit and profit as we do.  We'll provide you ads, banners, and helpful tips on how to convert interest in our product into another sale!

You'll be able to see one of the products you're promoting yourself when you log in to our own MPA3® Standard powered affiliate program software!  You can log in 24 hours a day to check your real time statistics and see how well your promotional efforts are doing.

Our Programs

$555 per sale for each MPA3® Professional or MAS® purchase your sources produce...


We’ll pay you a 10% cut off what the webmasters who sign up to promote under you end up making with us!

Reasons To Join

As we're sure you know our industry has always been about trust, cutting edge internet technology, and exceptional marketing strategies.  MPA3® CASH combines all three! 

Mansion Productions is proud of our sterling reputation after serving our industry for over a decade.  We continue to rigorously protect our client's program security and ensure the very best in industry trust...


When we push the envelope on technology, you benefit!

As a software company, our technology credits could run very long.  We've won many industry awards for technological advancement and using cutting edge technology.  Trying to keep our bragging brief, we'll just speak on a few highlights of how MPA3® and MAS® products use the best in technology.

MPA3® and MAS® products allow users to set up their sites to look however they want with free xml programming...

Why The Products Sell


MPA3® Standard provides the power of our finest Mansion Productions program software but for the dramatically low price of $499 a contract and $99 a month flat rate!  With a price tag that beats our competition and our years of industry acclaim, MPA3® Standard truly is the new standard for affiliate tracking software. 

MPA3® Professional makes sense for businesses that need a different payment processor, or customizations to make the system perform in unique or unusual ways.  This product sells to companies that need to customize their affiliate software, and make it their own.

MPA3® Enterprise is the same power and functionality as MPA3® Professional and MPA3® Standard, but with out a monthly price tag.  This software sells to companies who want MPA3® and are ready to purchase it outright!

MAS® Content Management System is the perfect powerhouse software to run any members area.  Developed with great scalability in mind, MAS® is used on hundreds of live member sites in the industry to free up a customer's updating time. Whether you set up a client to rent or buy MAS®, MPA3® CASH will be there to pay out!