Mansion Productions product line: MPA3 Standard provides the power at a low price. MPA3 Professional makes sense for businesses that need a custom touch. MAS Content Management System is the perfect software for members area management.
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Mansion Productions Products

MPA3® Standard provides the power of our finest Mansion Productions affiliate program software but for the dramatically low price of $499 a contract and $99 a month flat rate!¬† With a price tag that beats our competition and our years of industry acclaim, MPA3® Standard truly is the new standard for affiliate tracking software.

MPA3® Professional makes sense for businesses that need a different payment processor, or customizations to make the system perform in unique or unusual ways.¬† This product sells to companies that need to customize their affiliate program software, and make it their own.

MPA3® Enterprise is the same power and functionality as MPA3® Professional and MPA3® Standard, but with out a monthly price tag. This software sells to companies who want MPA3 and are ready to purchase it outright!

MAS® Content Management System is the perfect powerhouse software to run any members area.¬†Developed with great scalability in mind, MAS® is used on hundreds of live member sites in the industry to free up a customer's updating time. Whether you set up a client to rent or buy MAS®, MPA3® CASH will be there to pay out!