Our Programs

  • $555 per sale for MPA3® Pro
  • $555 per sale for MAS® purchase
  • $200 per sale for MPA3® Standard
  • $200 per sale for MAS® rental


Our program pays out once a month based on our real time stats tracking of your sales.

You can be paid by wire, paypal or check.

Payment methods

  • $555 per sale for each MPA3® Professional or MAS® purchase your sources produce.
  • $200 per sale for each MPA3® Standard contract or MAS® rental agreement your sources produce.


We’ll pay you a 10% cut off what the webmasters who sign up to promote under you end up making with us!

Reasons To Join

As we’re sure you know our industry has always been about trust, cutting edge internet technology, and exceptional marketing strategies.  MPA3® CASH combines all three!

Mansion Productions is proud of our sterling reputation after serving our industry for over a decade.  We continue to rigorously protect our client's program security and ensure the very best in industry trust.

Our technological advancements over the years have consistently led the industry to the pinnacle of tracking standards.  Our development staff dedicated their time to technological innovation and ease of use.

Web marketing is a fast moving river of fads and strategies.  MPA3® CASH promotional tool offerings are built to withstand the rapids of our changing environment and give you the marketing tools you need to make the sale!